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The Prospector: Thermo-Electric Alloy Sorter (TE-3000-HD)


Part No. TE-3000-HD

Don't spend a fortune getting alloys needlessly analyzed when you only need to sort a few metals from another. Why send samples to a lab?  Sort your on-site metals yourself!  The Prospector, Thermo-Electric Alloy Sorter (TEAS) is the most efficient and cost-effective method available for sorting various alloys, such as stainless steels, titanium, aluminum, and more. Each test takes only a second.  Get rapid, reliable testing results in your facility; no need to involve outside labs.  Across many industries, our customers rely on Thermoelectric Sorters for a variety of applications including metal inspection, quality control, scrap-sorting, maintenance, and metal equipment repair. Use The Prospector to inspect incoming stock, classify unmarked alloys, recycle scrap metal, and detect coatings and plating (plasma) on various metal types.


Scrap Sorter

  • Sort these metals: Stainless Steels, Tool Steels, Low Alloy Steels, Common Steels, Super Alloys, Specialty Steels, Aluminum, Titanium, and more.
  • Detect coatings and platings (plasma) on conductive and nonconductive alloys
  • Legacy for the old Acromag Model 1101-C Thermo-electric Metal Tester
  • Classify unmarked alloys, test for alloy grade
  • Verify alloy types in engines, pipes, tanks, wires, and parts… Any size, any shape
  • Check material type for critical weld areas
  • Now included an accessory for the verification of cylindrical and ball bearings 
  • Inspect incoming stock on the loading dock
  • Maintenance
  • Quality Control for outgoing parts to meet customer’s requirements
  • Reclaim valuable scrap metal
  • Heavy Duty BNC Connectors
  • Protective instrument carry case
  • Easy to use, no specialized training necessary
  • Fast, efficient, and low-cost
  • NIST Traceable certificate of calibration
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Includes a calibration standard
  • No isotopes!  No X-ray!
  • PLC compatible for data logging and automation applications

The testing procedure is so simple

1. Flip the power switch to ON; this starts warming up the Prospector’s probe.

2. Attach the grounding clip to the test metal.

3. Touch the heated probe to the test metal for one second.

4. See the displayed number.  Compare readings to the known sample or the provided chart. If the readings of your two samples have greater than a ten-point spread, The Prospector (TEAS) is the ideal instrument for your application. It’s that simple.


The Prospector utilizes a very similar principle to that of an ordinary thermocouple.   The test process involves the direct conversion of temperature differences of a specimen into an electrical signal (a scientific phenomenon known as the Seebeck Effect). This method is known as thermoelectric alloy sorting. A temperature-regulated metal probe makes contact with the test metal, forming a thermocouple type circuit and generating a very small micro-voltage.  The micro-voltage varies depending on the composition of the metal and can be consistently correlated.  This thermal property can be used to characterize most metals.  Thermo-electric alloy sorting is a widely known and ASTM-approved method (ASTM E977) for metal classification and verification.  Top fabricators, pharmaceutical OEM, and aerospace industries around the world have chosen Koslow Scientific for over 50 years.  Koslow has been providing the industry's best Thermo-electric Alloy Sorter and lowest-cost alloy identification instruments.  We understand metal sorting. To find out how the Prospector can work for your application, contact us at sales@koslow.com or call direct at 201.541.9100.  An application specialist can advise you. 

 Your critical alloy samples can be tested free of charge at our facility to confirm if The Prospector is the right machine for your application.  Find out why Koslow Scientific Company is the value leader in alloy identification.

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Companies that have purchased Koslow Scientific Company products include: Rolls Royce, General Electric, Rosemount, Allegedly Bradford, Swagelok, Honeywell, Emerson Electric, Flowserve, Siemens, Westinghouse, Watlow, Praxair, and Omega, among others.


  • The Prospector Part No. TE-3000-HD

Fast metal tester
by Peter Romeo, Jul 17,2019

I found the Thermo-Electric Alloy Sorter perfect for sorting Monel from stainless steel. Mixing up parts is not a problem anymore.

Easy to use, great customer support
by Vincent Kelly, Jun 27,2019

The Prospector TE-3000 is an incredible kit! It turned out to be a very cost-effective solution compared to XRF, and I really appreciated the technical support over the phone. I would recommend this product.

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