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Mercury Sulfate & Acid Electrode Kit (Part No. 5100A Series)

? If you are working with solutions different than our standard concentrations. We can fabricate a reference electrode kit to match your preferred chemical concentrations. We don’t only fill the electrode reservoir with the right solution but we make all chemical parts of the reference, compatible. Avoid junction potential calculations. In the blank field provided, specify the concentration of your working media. We will then match the concentration of your reference.

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Mercury/Mercurous Sulfate Electrode filled with Sulfuric Acid.  

Also called Battery Acid filled Mercury Sulfate Reference Probe


Kit containes the reference electrode and the following maintenance accessories

  • Carry Case

  • Electrode Refill Solution Electrolyte 30 ml

  • Laboratory Electrode Storage Bottle

  • Pack of 5 Replacement Porous Tips

  • 5 Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

  • Electrode Filling Pipette

  • Absorbent Foam

  • Maintenance Manual

Mercury/ Mercurous Sulfate Reference Electrode Hg/Hg2SO4
  • This MSE is an excellent choice for work with acid media
  • Applications in electroanalysis, battery testing and maintenance, corrosion testing and many other electrochemical measurements.
  • Widely used to measure half-cell potentials in lead-acid batteries.
  • Our standard off-the-shelf concentration is 3.8 Molar (Specific Gravity of 1.215)
  • You can order your electrode with your specified acid molarities concentrations, minimize junction potentials and calculations
  • Prepared with reagent grade mercury sulfate and H2SO4 solution.
  • Electrode potential is stable and recovers quickly from small temperature excursions.
  • The Koslow MSE will find applications in electroanalysis, battery testing and maintenance, corrosion testing, electro-analytical studies measure half-cell potentials in lead-acid batteries, titration and many other electrochemical measurements.
  • We can fabricate your electrodes body to your custom specs.
  • Porous junction tip is made with electroporous KT Glass; and is replaceable when damaged or contaminated.
  • Low noise, low impedance, Prime ion transfer
  • Traceable ID tags on the lead wire
  • Packaged with care in a handy storage carton and includes instructions with SDS.
  • The Hg/HgSO4 reference electrode uses a filling solution of sulfuric acid. Part No. 3021Ready to use reference electrode.  All Koslow electrode are fully assembled and filled.  Remove from protective packaging and ready to go.

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