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Copper Sulfate Electrode Kit CuSO4 (Part No. 1002 Series)


The Copper/ Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode Kit (Cu/CuSO4)

This kit contains the electrode and all the compatable maintenance accessories. 

  • Carry Case

  • Electrode Refill Solution Distilled Water 30 ml

  • Packet of Copper Sulfate Crystals

  • Laboratory Electrode Storage Bottle

  • Pack of 5 Replacement Porous Tips

  • 5 Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

  • Electrode Filling Pipette

  • Absorbent Foam

  • Maintenance Manual


Description   Koslow offers a complete line of electrochemical references.  The Copper-Copper Sulfate (Cu/CuSO4) Half Cell Reference Electrode is designed for corrosion mitigation measurements useful for cathodic protection investigations and laboratory applications.  The 1002 series electrode CSE is made entirely of plastic, to withstand being inserted into a variety of materials such as soil, fluids and unset concrete.  The overall length of the electrode is 140 mm (5.5”). Made from a semi-transparent plastic for easy view of solution levels.

The potential of the CSE at 25 °C was found to be 317 mV versus that of the normal hydrogen electrode (NHE).

Copper/ Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode Kit
Plastic Body "Husky 16"
Porous Plastic Tip
lead wire with banana jack
protective boot cap
Electrode is shipped dry
packaged in a leak proof hard carry case
refill di water
bag of copper sulfate crystals, storage bottle, replacement porous tips and a filling pipette


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