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The Alloy Scout: Stainless Steel ID Kit (1545) sorts 3 elements


New from Koslow! Stainless Steel Identification Test Kit Part No. 1545 Super Fast/ Super Easy Includes bottle less/ spill proof test for stainless steel 316, SS 304 common steels and nickel alloys


Applications: Inspect tanks, pipes, raw stock, finished parts and more! Confirm Stainless Steels and Nickel Alloys such as SS 316 vs. SS 304 stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel.


•QC inspection approved

•Portable -uses the popular Electro-Spot Method

•Easy; and only 1 second per test.

•Non-destructive NDT Supplies for hundreds of tests

Is this the stainless steel that it's supposed to be? Can I conduct the same quality assurance inspections that my customers use? Can I assume foreign imports are what they claim to be? Is my stock labeled correctly? Maintaining the quality your customers demand doesn't require a fancy or expensive program. Use the spot test kits that have been specified by major companies worldwide to inspect your incoming and outgoing parts and materials. Pharmaceutical & food, aerospace, marine and medical industries all rely on KOSLOW kits for fast, conclusive results. How can alloy inspection be so easy? Color spot tests isolate and identify the single distinguishing element that separates the alloy you want from the one you don't. No need to file off samples and mail to a lab.

Nickel, chrome, and molybdenum are all easily detectable with The Scout Kit 1545. It's simple. The color spot test method is easy.  You can answer all of your alloy concerns with confidence; and at a low cost without the use of isotopes and x-ray. Here are a few popular applications of the 1545: Sort 316 stainless from 304 with just a simple test for moly (molybdenum) * Pull stock rod SS400 from a pile of SS300 with a one minute test for nickel. The kit includes a stamped metal reference standard. Finally, the kit is neatly packaged in a durable heavy duty, shock resistant carrying case. 

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