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Aluminum Grade Manager: Alloy ID Kit (1513) sorts 5 grades


Part No. 1513

Is this the aluminum alloy that it's supposed to be? Can I conduct the same quality assurance inspections that my customers use? Can I assume foreign imports are what they claim to be? Is my stock labeled correctly? Inspect it yourself! The Aluminum Alloy ID Lab was specifically developed to identify various aluminum alloys. It is particularly useful in such varied application areas as scrap sorting, Q.C., inventory identification and labeling, field repair and replacement checks and welding compatibility determinations.



For the classification of aluminum into the following groups: 1000, 2000, 5000, 6000 and 7000.

  • Easy to Use - no training necessary
  • Economical - pennies per test
  • Completely portable
  • QC inspection approved method
  • Fast & easy; 30 seconds per test.
  • Non-destructive

Maintaining the quality your customers demand doesn't require a fancy or expensive program. Use the kits that have been specified by major companies worldwide to inspect your incoming and outgoing parts and materials. Pharmaceutical & food, aerospace, marine and automotive industries all rely on KOSLOW kits for fast, conclusive results.

How can alloy inspection be so easy? Color spot tests isolate and identify the single distinguishing element that separates the alloy you want from the one you don't. Copper, Magnesium, Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc. are all easily detectable with the 1513. It's simple. First check the chart of alloy compositions. Then consult the instruction manual for ElectroSpot procedure. Finally look for a color test spot revealing the element. You've answered your alloy concerns with confidence.

Various aluminum alloy series can be distinguished from one another quickly, simply and economically. This capability eliminates the high incidence of costly aluminum alloy identification errors.

The kit includes solutions, current supply and papers. The kit is neatly packaged in a durable carrying case.

Call us. Our sales technicians can help you choose the best kit for your needs.

Accessorize your Aluminum Kit by working side by side with the Metal Samples Collection 1900. This set of 24 coupon samples is an excellent tool for running spot checks on unmarked commercial metals and aluminum alloys. To identify tiny pieces of aluminum see the Speck Check Kit.

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  • Part No. 1513

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