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Passi-Flash 3036 Stainless Steel Passivation Test Kit


Part No. 3036

The Passi Flash 3036 is the latest innovation in passivation testing for stainless steel equipment and parts. This Koslow kit is an integral part of many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies’ SOPs. Our customers rely on Koslow to ensure the quality of their products and to comply with standards. Across many industries, folks are worried about their stainless steel parts and equipment showing signs of wear or corrosion. Most people don’t even realize that stainless steel can, in fact, corrode. Nasty looking discoloration can occur on essential processing equipment; leading to contamination, and diminished surface appearance.  Manufacturers and engineers are all shooting for the highest quality for their customers.  Luckily, the Passi-Flash 3036 can alert you before you run into problems. By performing regular Passi-Tests as part of your routine maintenance of critical components, the discoloration can be prevented. Use this kit in combination with ASTM-approved passivation cleaning procedures. No need to bring in an army of surface treatment experts, or send your parts to an outside lab. Use the Passi-Flash yourself to get instant, reliable results in your own facility.

The Passi-Flash 3036 is approved by ASME BPE standards.



-Check passivation of all grades of stainless steel
-Confirm passivation bath and procedures are effective
-Detect loss of passivation in service
-Corrosion troubleshooting for tanks, tubing, and parts
-Satisfy your contract requirements
-ASME BPE approved


-Easy, one hand operation; the best choice for hard to reach areas
-Fastest passivation test available
-Green and Red LEDs indicate test results
-Recordable data exports directly to your PC with Excel
-LCD information panel
-Two-tone audible signal
-Portable, lightweight rechargeable battery
-Annual Certificate of Calibration – traceable to NIST
-Non-destructive passivation testing

A Significant Advance in Passivation Testing

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned and inconvenient copper sulfate, ferroxyl, and salt spray tests.

The Passi-Flash 3036 is a rapid response method for the verification of stainless steel parts and equipment. The 3036 is the single most efficient method for measuring the corrosion tendency of stainless steel surfaces. Through a galvanic process, it detects surface free iron, which can lead to discoloration and corrosion. These free iron particles may arise due to cutting, mechanical use, grinding, or chemical contamination of stainless steel parts.

The 3036 lets you know if…

-The surface is passive.  It has been through an approved passivation bath.

-Free iron particles are present on the surface.  This surface is Non-Passive.

-The surface is without a passive oxide layer.  This surface is Non-Passive.


Each test takes only 1 second, and it is simple enough for anyone to use. This kit can be used to test metal parts of any size. This includes tanks, tubing, valves, and more, even in hard to reach places with the help of the Passi-Extension Arm.

For each test, the digital meter displays a value to show you if the part is in a passive or non-passive range. When conducting a series of tests, the Passi-Flash will store your data for you to retrieve and share later, saving you time and energy.

The Passi-Tester can be used with all chromium-containing stainless steels, such as 304 and 316, and precipitation-hardened steels like 17-4, 15-5, and 17-7. A passive stainless steel standard is included in the kit. The ASME BPE 2014 and the Federal Spec QQ-P-35C approved this surface corrosion potential measurement as a valid method for checking passivation of stainless steel parts and equipment. Use this kit with complete confidence.

A passive stainless steel standard is included in the kit.

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  • Part No. 3036

Testing for passivation
by Peter Girten , Dec 01,2015

I’ve been speaking with other brewers, and everyone should know about the 3036. We are very pleased with the PassiFlash 3036 thus far.

We’ve been looking for a way to test passivation without using copper sulfate solutions, as we don’t want to have any of this inside of our tanks, and we don’t have a way to perform a salt spray test on the interior of our tanks. I did perform a few tests on some scrap stainless stock we had laying around – the results using the 3036 were consistent with the results from the copper sulfate tests.

We are now using the tester for every new tank we install to verify our passivation techniques, and we are also using the tester to determine how long the acid cycle of our tank CIP procedure really needs to be. We also discovered our acid cycles were inadequate for new tanks – we found that immediately after an acid cycle, a rinse, and drying, the surface would read unpassivated. After 4-8 hours, however, the surface would read passivated. Our nitric acid concentration was too low and/or our cycle time was too short. The procedure was sufficient to remove free iron from the surface, but we were not completely forming a chromium oxide layer – air was completing the process for us.


Peter Girten
Brewery Engineering Manager
Stone Brewing Co.
1999 Citracado Pkwy
Escondido, CA 92029

Passi-Flash 3036
by Julio C Nazario, Dec 01,2015

Everything is working out fine with our new stainless steel passivation tester; The Passi-Flash 3036. Our company is already highly ranked with our customers base; but when we added the new feature of printing out our logged data to our certification package our product credibility and customer confidence in our procedures was truly unquestionable . Much thanks to the Passi-Flash 3036. Keep on making great inventions like this one.

Thanks again.

Borin-Chem Industrial Services, Inc

Simple Passivation Tester
by Joe Foley, Dec 01,2015

Wow! I can't believe how great this thing is. Great product. This machine shaved hours off our validation program. My customers love the electronic reports. Thanks Koslow

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